Connect SAP to your SIEM solution

  • ETM SIEM Add-on integrates SAP security events with your SIEM solution

  • It reduces SIEM EPS (events per second) costs by sending pre-correlated events

  • Single license allows integrating with multiple SIEM solutions, including different SIEM vendors

Enterprise Threat Monitor acts as a bridge between your SAP systems and your SIEM platform.

It retrieves the security event information from SAP and uses machine learning to eliminate false positives.

The results are high quality events which are sent to your SIEM platform.

Choose your SIEM Platform for Monitoring SAP


ETM offers a Splunk certified app for SAP Splunk connectivity using Splunk’s HTTPs forwarder.

IBM QRadar

ETM is certified by IBM for integration with QRadar. ETM uses the LEEF format for connecting SAP to QRadar

HP ArcSight

ETM supports HP ArcSight. ETM uses the CEF format for connecting SAP to HP ArcSight


ETM uses syslog format to connect LogRhythm to your SAP Landscape