Detect Fraud on SAP using Enterprise Threat Monitor

  • Utilize User Behavior Analytics (UBA) to detect fraud on SAP in real-time

  • Manage exceptions using built-in efficient flow

  • Automate incident response via email and SMS alerting

ETM Advanced continuously monitors your SAP system for fraudulent activity.

Leveraging UBA to eliminate false positives.

Resulting in only high quality incidents sent via email or SMS.


By responding to events in real-time, you can neutralize them, and prevent them from becoming serious incidents

ETM Allows Detecting Fraud On-Time

Sample ETM SAP Fraud Monitoring Cases

General Ledger

User modified G/L account and posted to it

Procure to Pay

Manipulation of creditor’s bank details before payment run

Order to Cash

User maintained the credit line and created an order for the same customer


Manual change of pricing information in material master data


Enterprise Threat Monitor utilizes User Behavior Analytics (UBA) to detect anomalies based on location, SAP transaction usage and many other factors. Allowing for quicker investigation


Easily manage security exceptions and false alarms using the flexible exception handling mechanism of ETM. Enterprise Threat Monitor uses the proven ESR methodology for optimizing this process

Enterprise Threat Monitor Advanced – Add-on Features and Services

Additional Fraud Cases

Development of new fraud cases, or customizations to existing ones for your business processes in FI, HR, CRM or SRM modules

SIEM Integration

Effortless forwarding of correlated ETM incidents to SIEM solutions such as Splunk, HP ArcSight or IBM QRadar, delivering high quality SAP specific fraud detection events directly in your SIEM solution

Ask an Expert

Ideal for SOC teams that lack SAP expertise, this option allows live communication with our SAP security experts for any questions related to ETM, or your specific incident. All with a click of a button through the ETM portal interface

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