Protect your Business with Enterprise Threat Monitor

Detect and Respond to SAP attacks

ETM comes preconfigured with hundreds of SAP specific attack detection rules including those that monitor for unauthorized access to critical data, exploitation of vulnerable SAP functions, malicious usage of debug privileges, and unauthorized creation of users.

Be Compliant

Continuous SAP security monitoring is a requirement of every major compliance framework including SoX, PCI-DSS 3.0, and ISO27001. ETM allows you to fulfil audit requirements by building a safety net around your business applications and informing you about compliance violations such as account sharing.

Be Aware

ETM adapts to your SAP usage patterns with UBA (User Behavior Analytics). You can find out if certain users such as external consultants or other third-parties are abusing their privileges or whether their accounts are compromised.

ETM detects:


If someone steals the password of an SAP user and uses it to download customer master data.

An external consultant misuses his rights and views sensitive employee data.

Someone uses debug/replace to bypass authorization checks and create a new user.

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